Gravel Between Teeth

by Slow Bloomer

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released August 29, 2015

Drums recorded by Jan Oberg at Hidden Planet Studio in Berlin, 2014. Recording of guitars and vocals, mixing and mastering by Richard Schonert at Black Crown Studio in Zittau, 2015.



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Slow Bloomer Germany

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Track Name: Featherweight
shadows bathe the floor of this forsaken room, in which the dust has settled way too soon / I can't see you through all these shades of self / it's not indifference, just the warmth of having your head so far underground. we should have fled this weather a year ago / the air is slowly flooding my lungs / as words drip from my lips / and the truth lies therein / I see now. you know, I need you most when I am overtaken by fear. I know I'm not where you need me to be / there is no current beneath the seam / my fall colors fading, wait here with me. calm me down, I don't want to put my head over ground. I'd love to share in your innocence / lay down these arms, retire my defense / I'm a featherweight at making sense of this mess / none of us will weather this storm by playing dead. what you are, I'll never be.
Track Name: Arrythmia
you're up too late and the stakes are low as always / clear your throat of the loose words I've reassembled quietly / never in this life have I seen this through / I'd talk to you for hours on end, but this dialogue has gone so stale / and you've got no good reason for taking the easy way out. I swear I'm worried about becoming tired / I swear I'm worried about lying down and turning inward indefinitely. I swear I'm worried about becoming tired / I swear I'm worried about going through old pictures of you when you're not here anymore. bloodshot eyes and alcohol breath / how do you get out of bed without choking to death? / can't you refrain from rewriting these lines again and again? I swear I'm worried about becoming scared. all this time, I couldn't let you know / countless pensive nights wasted on not being alone / all this time, I have watched things stay the same / weighed down by (these) granite veins. tell me what it is that you crave / I'll throw you off the deep end for certain / beyond your self-destructive ways / we both know it will have been worth it.
Track Name: Plainview
though you're so far away from here / and at times I've got nothing to give / I'll fill the pauses with comforting thoughts / I miss the weight of the world on your eyelids ever so much. this town never would have been what it is without you / each night I spend here only makes things worse I'll always have the past to fall back on / when these evenings run dry / lie half awake for hours / now that you've all left, I can finally hear the rust in the hinges / mirror this image for me / through all the smoke and the roses, I'll always find comfort in your soreness. a charming thought to follow / as I lean my head against the wall in the shower and embrace the vagueness once again. leave an empty room / see myself in plain view / forgive me for neglecting my intention to look after you, as I did when you were still here / sedated by the chlorine fumes that separate you. distracted and unnerved, I guess I withdrew / sedated by the chlorine fumes that separate you. you'll always have a place in my heart.
Track Name: Cedarskin
scrape at the surface of this until you come undone (this world will rid itself of me) / tiptoeing around the truths at the tip of your tongue (you'll find no peace in here, no plot-twist to the tragedy). there's nothing here to dismantle but the paralysis that you preach / awaken my senses so out of reach / corrosive reflection, appease me so deviously / melting the asphalt beneath my feet. count the splinters stuck underneath your ivory fingernails / your efforts are thinly veiled attempts to seep into my skin. as you linger around to harvest all that I've ever held dear / don't play it down / witness the harvest of all that I've ever held dear. how will this unfold? / just let your skin warm my own / how will this unfold? / just let your skin warm my own. I don't know how to feel you / how to hold a moment before it fades / let the seconds slice right through me / let several months at a time slip away. swallow me, but let me hold your arm while I'm asleep. Where the cedars bow to the breeze I'll creep deep into the soil where we're alone with this dream of not constantly clinging to the sheets. let me hold your arm while I'm asleep / hold my arm while I'm asleep.